Sample Management Transition Checklist

The Adept Group is skilled at assisting volunteer leaders in facilitating a worry-free, hassle-free transition to its headquarters office. The following are a few items that will need to be collected and transferred to The Adept Group. This is not intended to be an inclusive list. If there are additional items that are not listed that are used in the management of the organization, plan to forward this information as well during the transition process. Adept Group will provide access to an online portal for uploading these documents. Should it be necessary to send physical documents, please plan to provide an electronic inventory of the items being shipped.

Where possible, items should be transferred electronically. The In addition, The Adept Group will assign a Transition Manager to assist in the ease of the transition. The designated Transition Manager will be able to assist volunteer leaders to ensure this does not—in any way—become an arduous task.

The needed information includes:

Administration/General Items:

  • Financial records and systems – Please send us the electronic QuickBooks
  • Login information for all Web-based applications
  • Login information for all hardware and software utilized in the management of the organization file, copy of most recent audit, etc.
  • Tax returns and other tax documents – Send this for at least the past 10 years
  • Membership records and systems – Send paper and electronic files
  • Inventory of property and supplies
  • Meeting minutes – Please send all electronic files of the meeting minutes
  • By laws and incorporation papers – Send these as PDF-formatted documents; hard copies; and, send the Word version of the bylaws, constitution, and articles of incorporation as well
  • Current procedures – Send this for all operating procedures managed by the management company and details regarding what each committee/task force is responsible for
  • Past management reports provided by association management company to the association
  • Strategic plan – When was the last plan completed? Forward this to The Adept Group electronically.
  • Description of board roles, task force responsibilities, etc.
  • Insurance documentation – What policies exist today? Forward both the paper and electronic copies. Also let us know when the renewal dates are for these policies. Provide a list of current insurance agencies/agents
  • Native files for all association forms – Please provide a list of the association forms that are available. Send the electronic, native files to us.
  • Storage items – Is there an offsite storage facility? If so, how many keys exist for the storage facility? Where is it located? Keys will need to be forwarded to us.
  • Membership certificates/cards – Please send us all materials for processing new and renewal memberships. Are membership packets sent out to new members, renewing members, both, neither?
  • Publications – Send all past publications and any native files that you have.
  • Directories – Is there or has there been a published membership directory? What is the management company’s role with publishing the directory?
  • Audio/video tapes, DVDs, and CD-Roms – Does the association have any electronic materials that need to be forwarded?
  • Provide a list of all third-party vendors with contact information. Forward all contracts to The Adept Group.

Financial Items:

  • Invoices (paid and payable)
  • Bank statements – Are these sent in an electronic or paper form? Please forward.
  • Access to online banking for all existing accounts. Please provide URL, user IDs, and passcodes
  • List of liabilities – What liabilities currently exist? When is payment due and to whom? Are there any electronic drafts or automatic payments?
  • Federal ID Number(s) – Forward this to us for the organization and for any chapters/councils that may operate under their own Federal Identification Number.
  • Completed W-9 Form – provide with organization’s address and EIN (as provided by the IRS)
  • Tax exemption determination letter
  • Aged accounts receivable list - Are there any outstanding payments due to the organization?
  • Prior audited financial reports
  • Prior tax returns
  • Vendor list
  • Chart of accounts
  • General ledger detail for current fiscal year—printout and electronic file
  • Current operating budget and budgets from the past three years
  • List of other sources of income other than membership
  • Amortization and depreciation schedules (if applicable)
  • Certificates of Deposits or any other investment instruments –list of
  • Direct pays – what is directly paid from any association checking accounts? For how much, to whom, and from what account?
  • Name and contact information for current accountant
  • Past corporate sponsor brochures

Membership Items:

  • Current member list (electronic)
  • Prospect Member list (electronic)
  • Past and prospective sponsors list
  • Committees/Task force list and rosters
  • Media/press lists
  • Membership application
  • Membership renewal letter
  • Membership drop/lapsed letter
  • Membership welcome packet
  • Membership processing procedures
  • Membership prospect kit
  • Sponsorship information, materials, and contact information

Marketing & Communications Items:

  • All native files for all marketing and communication pieces (electronic)
  • Press/media kit
  • Contract with any publishing companies
  • Contract with any printing companies
  • Rate cards/rates for all advertising with the association
  • Vendor contacts and contracts for such services as printing, publishing, etc.
  • All native files for all logos, association forms, and marketing materials
  • PMS colors for logo
  • Past press releases (from the last three years)

Event Items:

  • Current/pending hotel and venue contracts
  • Current/pending airline contracts
  • Current/pending rental car contracts
  • Current/pending A/V contracts
  • Exhibitor agreement/contract
  • List of past exhibitors
  • List of convention committees and their responsibilities
  • Past conference brochures, books and materials from at least the past three conferences
  • Scripts that were used from the last conference and/or event(s)

Web and Technology:

  • Login information for association Web sites, FTP servers, email accounts, and other Web-based applications
  • Web files and back-end databases
  • of of domain ownership for Web site